Four Basic Summer Problem on Your Roof

Are you thinking about summer? Although winter is probably the harshest on our roof. However, with sets of problems, the summer comes with it. So, this is the best time for you to make sure that minor roofing Kitchener problems do not become major ones in the winter. During summer the following are the basic issues we may see:

Moss Growth

During summer algae and moss growth, it can cover a large part, if not your whole roofer over time. The problem of this is that the moss causes moisture damage and rotting of the wood underneath. Over time, this can become more attached and may need pressure washing to remove. This is the time when you must consider asking for professional roofer Kitchener‘s help.

The Sun’s UV rays

Actually, shingles can dry out and crack over the lifespan of a roof. If it dries it can eventually fall off, leaving some sections with little to no protection. This problem associated with the aging of a roof but can also be a sign that your roof needs to replace soon.

Wind and Rain

It is unpredictable weather during summer, especially at the beginning. This means that high wind speed and some rain are definitely possible. The wind may lift shingles, and sometimes what seems like minor damage can turn out to a major problem if the rain gets in and leaks through the ceiling. Once the storm stop, you must always check around your roof. And when you find a piece of shingles on the ground. This may be a sign that you need a Kitchener roofer for an inspection.


When the hot air rises, if your attic does not have a proper ventilation system, it can be a problem. This problem is, the hot air will trap in the attic, and this creates excess moisture issues. That is one of the things that easily shorten the lifespan of your roof.


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