Common Causes of Cloudy Water in Your Hot Tub

One of the best thing when coming home after a long day and enjoying a wonderful dip in your beautiful gravel hot tub pad. But it is not a treat when your water is cloudy or murky. However, this is not a problem you are likely to face during the life of your hot tub pad. Nevertheless, with some simple tweaks and solutions, you can get your oasis back to its former glory.

Total Dissolved Solids

This in reference to the number of solids dissolved in the water. If the water has become fully saturated with chemicals, it can not dissolve any more. Hence, this can lead to foamy cloudy water. Thus, for TDS solution is to completely drain the hot tub and start with fresh water. In the average use, it is recommended that you drain the tub every 3 to 4 months to avoid having too high of TDS in the water.

Water Hardness

The chemical balance of your hot tub is very important, and if your calcium hardness, alkalinity are off it can cause of cloudy milky water. When the calcium hardness is high, it is difficult to lower using chemicals. With such, it recommends draining your hot tub and fills it with fresh water. It is ideal to use a pre-filter to help lessen the initial calcium levels in the water. Thus, this may help to keep the water clear and stop calcium scaling that causes milky water.

Low Sanitizer Levels

The right sanitizer level is very important in destroying particles that create cloudy water. Even though chlorine and bromine the main chemicals used in a hot tub to keep the water safe and clean. Thus, some other products you can add that will assist with the maintenance of your spa. With the use of an ozonator, or a mineral cartridge can help to keep your water chemistry balanced and at optimal levels.


These are just the common causes of cloudy water in your hot tub which Calgary hot tub services can help. We are an expert in hot tub pad repair as well as we offer an affordable hot tub pad construction Calgary.

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